Interesting Places to Travel

Interesting Places to Travel

While some countries appear regularly in the lighthouse holiday destinations, others intrigue and are even surprising. Here are five of ten of these that are most distinguished by the various facets of their life or history.

Tajikistan, the silk in the mountains located between China and Uzbekistan, this country is crossed by the famous Silk Road that surrounds large mountains that rank among the highest in the world. An intriguing itinerary decorated with extraordinary hospitality that will delight all travelers.

East Timor, undeliverable from its history considered one of the least known destinations on the planet, this country well located in the north of Australia, still keeps the traces of its eventful history. Part of the island of Timor belongs to it which makes it a rather attractive resort. We used a travel agent in Cincinnati to plan this excursion and it was phenomenal.

Sierra Leone, the warmth of the poor located in West Africa, the eponymous film has contributed to the fame of the country. Despite its important natural richness (diamonds, gold…), the country remains one of the least developed in the world. But the warmth of the reception of the inhabitants deserves a detour.

The Kiribati Islands, the final destination, this archipelago located in the Pacific Ocean is threatened with extinction due to the impacts of global warming. Indeed, most of the heights of the city are below two meters. A trip to this country is the best way to become aware of the real threats of this climate change.

North Korea, beyond common sense with its nine million soldiers, this country ranks at the top of the most militarized nations. It is a fairly rewarding experience to try to the extent that very few people from the outside are aware of their freedom. Just to penetrate the country, you have to pass many controls, and the visits are more or less oriented.

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